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Goed dat je jezelf bent

About the exhibition:
Everyone knows the stereotypical image of LGBTQI+ people in the media; dragqueens, muscular men in leather armour or the exuberant characters in TV series.
Queer 040 wants to show with this expo that the Eindhoven community is so much more than that. It consists of parents, professionals, party animals, activists, but above all people with heart and eye for each other. In our progressive city full of development and technology, the core is 'Good that you are yourself'.

12 portraits, shot by 7 photographers. Mostly shot especially for Pride Month. In addition, images have been made available by partner organisations, including Daydaygay and Ballroom Eindhoven, to show the most diverse possible image of the community.

The exhibition has been put together with great care by Johan Stribos, chairman of Queer 040 and photographer Inge Pijl, who also made 5 beautiful images. In addition to her, there are special photos by Faron van Leeuwen, Bas Berends, Se7en Photography, Hank Kooijmans, modelz_secret & Barbara Medo.

Pronouns: he/him
Photographer: Faron van leeuwen
Location: Rainbow tunnel
Verhaal: Rik Thijs is alderman (responsible for climate, energy, soil and greening). The rainbow tunnel has a special meaning for him. It symbolizes diversity and inclusion. Something that he finds very important as a person, but certainly also from his position. A second rainbow artwork of no less than 200m2 is now being realized. It will be located on the station square (opening June 10). A visible place where many people come every day.
Pronouns: he/him
Photographer: Inge Pijl
Location: Parktheater

Story: Ron has already put in quite a few flying hours in the community. 'How much has changed. Especially when I compare it to the early years of my younger years. Le Pecheur, het Geveltje, Rendez-Vous and not to forget The Queens pub. And that in Eindhoven alone. To the young people reading this: This was in the last century, just after the dinosaurs went extinct," jokes Ron. After being an independent entrepreneur for 25 years, he now works in the hospitality industry in the Parktheater. A wonderful working environment, where everyone (guests and colleagues) is equal, regardless of origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation. ''I also often wonder... Why can't the world be more like the Theater?''
Annika & Izzy
Pronouns: she/her
Photographer: Inge Pijl
Location: Sint Bonifacius Park
Story: Being yourself, regardless of the box or color that comes with it, has always been important to Annika. As a coach, she has helped others in their coming-out process in the past. Three years ago, her and her wife's dream came true when they became a mom to Izzy.
Pronouns: she/her
Photographer: Inge Pijl
Location: The Social Hub
Story: As a proud trans woman, Naomi wants to commit to her community. Trans people in the Netherlands are also regularly confronted with discrimination and violence. Being visible and entering into a conversation, she says, removes prejudices and contributes to normalization.

Pronouns: he/him
Photographer: Barbara Medo
Location: Plug-in city, Strijp-S
Story: Sunshine, glitter, booze and tunes. All the ingredients for a perfect sunny day. Iconic Paul shines in his beautiful caftan on the field of the Ketelhuisplein at the annual DayDayGay PikNic event.

Rik, Stephan & Bas
(from left to right)
Pronouns: Rik he/him, Stephan he/him, Bas he/him
Photographer: Hank Kooijmans
Location: Unmute Us Protest, Eindhoven center
Story: At the time of the Corona pandemic, a peaceful protest took place in 10 cities, including Eindhoven. 10 trucks with thousands of demonstrators walked through the center of Eindhoven. Queer 040 rode along in a rainbow-colored truck, followed by several people from the LGBTIQ+ community, including Rik, Stephan and Bas.
Huug en Ellen 
(from left to right)
Pronouns: Huug she/her, Ellen she/her
Photographer: Inge Pijl
Location: Piet Hein Eek, Strijp-R
Story: This photo immediately brings a big smile to our faces. The same big smile we walked around with that whole day of our wedding in 2019. It was fantastic to celebrate our years of love together with all the people who are dear to us. This photo was taken when we first saw each other in our wedding attire that day; we already knew from each other which fabric it was, but the design was still a surprise to the other until then.
Pronouns: she/her
Photographer: modelz_secret
Location: Strijp-S
Story: Polly-Marie brings to the surface what is normally hidden beneath the surface. Desires, dreams and hopes that either burst to get out or had sunk into the abyss and long forgotten. To me, Polly is Proud. She's the one who proudly steps into the room and says, 'Hello! I'm Polly!”, shows off her body with love and confidence and loves everything about being a woman. She's a woman in a way I could never see myself. Finding and creating her has allowed me to find myself too, and it's hands down the best therapy I've ever had.
Pronouns: he/they
Photographer: Se7en Photography
Location: Dynamo
Story: Eindhoven Ballroom Function is a monthly event that is organized in Dynamo. The ballroom community comes together to practice different ballroom categories such as Voguing, Runway or Realness, but also to celebrate diversity and support each other.
Pronouns: he/him
Photographer: Faron van Leeuwen
Location: Stroomhuis
Story: The photo was taken at the queer techno event 'Kernkraft', where everyone can be themselves. Subdued or exuberant. Marki prefers to go exuberant, which makes him a welco
me guest at parties. He is a hairdresser by day, bird of paradise by night. There isn't a look too wild for him, and the make-up box also comes out regularly to shine. He is allergic to the saying 'just act normal, then you act crazy enough'! (From Dutch: Doe maar normaal, dan doe je gek genoeg)
Emily, Cindy, Summer & Okla
Pronouns: Emily Salvia (she/her), Cindy van der Loan (she/her), Summer Reighns (she/her), OKLA (they/them)
Photographer: Bas Berends
Location: Parktheater
Story: Queer collective DayDayGay hosted and curated the opening night of Let's talk about Sex at Parktheater Eindhoven.
The production, artistically guided by director Lenneke Maas, was a montage of regional queer performers, drag, dance, spoken word and art. The title “Come (as sensitive) as you are” reflected the atmosphere for this evening: by being vulnerable you discover the vulnerable sides of yourself and those of others. In this shot standing proud and united, four drag performers use their art to protest for love, equality, and social justice, followed up by a journey through queerness and extravaganza!
Pronouns: he/him
Photographer: Inge Pijl
Location: Effenaar
Story: Queer 040 organizes the club party 'XTRA' twice a year. Characteristic are the spectacular decors, special acts, lasers, LED screens, performances by drag queens and dancers and everything that fits an extravagant club night. Darryl has recently found his passion in dancing and is clearly enjoying the moment here. "Taste
s like more!'
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