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XTRA | Party For All

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On June 8 we will join the Eindhoven Pride parade. Do you want to be part of the historical first Pride Parade in Eindhoven? Join us by getting a free ticket! (service cost per ticket 0.79 cents).

We have 75 spots behind our truck. Our DJ's (Daviet Kèta & Kevv) will of course make all of you dance to the sound of XTRA. The only thing that you have to do is be fabulous!

'Be XTRAvaganza' during the parade! We have 30 big fans, so don't be late. Fans will be reached out prior to the parade to those who ordered. You can order yours in our Pride Parade ticketshop (



To have a safe parade there are a few rules:
- You need a free ticket to join the 'XTRA posse'. Without ticket you can only be a spectator of the parade. Bring your ticket so our crew can scan it.
- The use of alcohol during the parade is not allowed. There will be plenty of opportunities to drink at the free Pride Vibes Festival after the parade. The Eindhoven Pride organisation has the right to do checks. Of course, non-alcoholic drinks are allowed. We recommend you bring this too, especially in hot weather.
- Everyone has to abide by Dutch law. 
- Everyone walking along has liability insurance / health care insurance.
- Unlike our events, there is a strict dress code. We do this to be visible as a group. you can only participate in the following colours: dark purple, silver, black. It may be any of these colours or a combination of them. no genitals may be visible during the parade, but shirtless and other sexy looks are allowed.

Dresscode colours

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Practical:The parade starts at 2pm. XTRA has number 23. Participants should be present at 1 p.m. and bear in mind that they will walk along for about an hour. More info will be given by email tho those who ordered a free ticket.

XTRA | Circus

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